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Buy Luggage Online | 4 Ideal Materials To Look For In An Online Duffle Bag

Duffle bags are versatile travel accessories with multi-faceted uses. You can take them with to exercise, shop, camp and travel. With so many uses, you probably want to add a duffle bag to your repertoire but don't want to spend a fortune on it. Buying it online is a good idea because you're likely to come across some good price deals. If you've decided to buy luggage online, here are some ideal materials to look for in your next duffle bag.


Canvas is a tough and resilient material, making it perfect for all kinds of uses. This thick material is a popular choice because you can use it in all types of rough conditions without damaging it. The canvas cloth is tightly weaved together to repel water naturally. If you are planning on going camping or travelling, you can even choose canvas duffle bags with water resistant treatment for outdoor use. Canvas duffle bags are most popular with people who like a relaxed and casual look.


Nylon is one of the most durable materials available for duffle bags, especially when you choose products with a tight weave. Tightly woven nylon is resistant to blots, nicks, water and fire, while offering a lightweight solution for people who don't want to buy a heavy duffle bag. This bag is perfect for all kinds of uses, whether you want to use it outdoors or while travelling and is one of the most popular duffle bag material choices when you buy luggage online.


Leather represents a far more formal appearance than canvas or nylon and is one of the hardest and heaviest duffle bag materials. The material is durable and stylish, making it a good choice for people travelling on business or even pleasure. You can choose between faux leather and genuine leather duffle bags when you buy luggage online, but keep in mind that genuine leather will naturally be costlier. The best part of leather is that minor signs of wear add to the stylish appearance of this material, so it will continue to serve you well even with a few scratches or blemishes.


While vinyl has an imitating likeness to leather, it is far less expensive and lighter in weight. Vinyl is a stain and water resistant material, but can sometimes be vulnerable to scratches. If you choose a vinyl bag for your travel or gym needs, you should take good care to prevent scuffs and cracking by handling it carefully. Vinyl's biggest draw is its low price, while replicating the more expensive look of leather.

When you buy luggage online, consider these ideal materials for your next duffle bag.