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Perfect cold weather Christmas gifts to send overseas

As you plan out for list of Christmas gifts for your overseas relatives and friends, why not try and find some gifts with a very Australian flavour? Australia has a unique combination of cuisine, fashion and skincare that can be great for your overseas friends and family to enjoy. Here are some ideas from Australia that can be wonderful for a cold Christmas gift.

Ugg boots

Sheepskin lined Ugg boots are a great option to send to people struggling with chilly feet during a Northern hemisphere winter. They are comfortable and look great for wearing both inside the house and when out and about. As a natural fabric, the lining helps to keep feet a constant temperature, and wicks away moisture which is more comfortable for the wearer than artificial linings which can lead to overheated and soggy feet if you find yourself somewhere warmer than expected. You can find Ugg boots Melbourne or any other place, and the boots have a range of colours, styles and sizes - including babies and kids.

Lanolin creams

One of the hidden gems in Australian skincare in lanolin cream. Lanolin is a naturally occurring fat that comes from sheep's wool and is extremely moisturising, making it a great option for dry and cracked skin. Lanolin creams come in a range of forms from lip balms to face creams and body lotions. The structure of lanolin closely mimics the structure of human skin oils. Be sure to look for a locally made, high grade lanolin product to avoid irritating chemical ingredients that can persist in the lower grade products. 

Chocolate treats

Unfortunately, many of the delicious foods and drinks that Australia produces cannot be sent overseas. Australia has some cult favourite chocolate products including chocolate milk powders and chocolate coated biscuits which can be sent as they are fully sealed. You can also send some of your favourite candy bars, particularly if they have a favourite bar that is hard to find overseas. These treats are a great option so your giftee can have a warm and chocolaty drink on a cold winter's evening and think of you.

Sending a Christmas gift with an Australian flavor is a great way to make sure your gift is personal. Australia has a range of great products that make unique and fun gifts that are perfect for a cold Christmas in the Northern hemisphere. Why not find some useful gifts to send to this Christmas?