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What to Consider Before Buying a Point of Sale System

A point of sale or POS system is a must-have for businesses today. This is the system that checks out your customers and handles payments for you. The right POS system can even do much more than just process credit cards, and is a very important tool for your company. Note a few things to consider before you buy your first POS system.

1. Note if the system offers a barcode printer

A POS system can read barcodes, but if you create your own product or are not a wholesaler who sells products that are already coded, you should have a system that also creates these barcodes. Note if the system can also produce ISBN numbers and UPC symbols if these are needed. This can help you avoid having to create them online or with a separate program and then use stickers and labels in your computer printer to print them out.

2. Always ensure it interacts with your current accounting and inventory systems

You shouldn't need to conduct a manual inventory in your shop every single day when you have a POS system, as this system should interact with your current inventory program. This will help you keep an accurate inventory, alert you to low inventory levels, and also help you to see quickly and easily what products are your best sellers and which seem to never move off the shelves.

The same is true for your current accounting system. Your POS system should easily interact with it to record payments, refunds, and all other information needed to keep your accounting updated and accurate. Check the compatibility of any POS systems with your current software before purchasing.

3. Be sure it offers accessories you need in particular

A check reader can deposit and cancel checks right from your POS system, so if your business gets a lot of checks in, you'll want this accessory. For retail stores, you may want a system with a large screen for customers to see when at the register. If you often sell smaller items, your customers may not need a receipt, and your POS system should be able to allow you to choose if a receipt is printed or not. If you sell offsite such as at local seminars and other mobile locations, you may want a screen that allows people to sign with their finger rather than a pen that may get lost or broken. Consider carefully all your accessory needs before choosing a POS system.

For more information, contact a local supplier of point of sale equipment